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Temporary Bonding Film and Spin Coating Adhesives for Backgrinding

Backgrinding Film Adhesives for Ease of Processing

    5-10 micron thin melt-bondable IPA-soluble wax film from AIT is the first temporary film bonding adhesive engineered for backgrinding of substates and wafers

Spin-Coating and Film Temporary Bonding Media

  • 50% solid version (BGL7090) for 5-15 micron spin coating
  • 25% solid version (BGL7090) for 2-10 micron spin coating
  • BGF7090 film version is available in 5 and 10 micron
  • Ideal for precision thickness wafer and substrate thinning
  • IPA soluble and carrying solvent for safe and convenient operation
  • Water resistance enables cooling for high pressure
  • Non-silicone and non-contaminating

Spin coating solution is one of the industry standard method in achieving thin adhesive on carrier substrate for backgrinding and thinning

Dicing Tapes on Polyolefin (PO) Carrier and Grinding Tapes with or without Buffer Layers

  • Dicing tapes with 15 and 30 micron thick residual free pressure-sensitive adhesive on PO carrier film
  • Peel strength from 100 to 1000 gram per inch
  • Back grinding tapes with or without compliant buffer to accommodate the flip-chip or solder bumps on PET or Polyimide carrier film


  • Wafer-Substrate Thinning Spin Coatings and Films
  • Wafer Grinding Tapes with and without Buffer Layer
  • High Vacuum Dry Etching Thermal Interface Materials
Compressible and conformable layer coupling with a thin UV releasing pressure sensitive layer enables the flip-chip bumps on wafer and solder balls on the substrate boards to be planarized for backgrinding

High Vacuum Dry Etching Temporary Bonding Thermal Adhesives

  • High Thermal Grease-Gel Bonding in High Vacuum Etching Chamber
  • High Thermal Bonding Pad for High Vacuum Etching Chamber
Bond Strength (Operation)Capillary, 10 psi shear
Removal (Method)IPA with/without Heat
Vacuum Capability10−12 pressure
Chemical & Etching ToleranceProven, Outstanding
Dielectric Strength (Volts/mil)>250
Device Push-off Strength (psi)>10
Density (gm/cc)2.5
Thermal Conductivity> 4.0 W/m-°C
Maximum Continuous Operation Temp. (°C)> 150
Electrical Resistivity>10¹⁴ ohm-cm

Properties of AIT Back-Grinding & Thinning “WAX” and Tapes

  • Spin Coating IPA Soluble Wax and Film for Wafer and Substrate Thinning
  • Back Grinding for Wafer with Flip-Chip Bumps  and Substrate with Solder Bumps
PARAMETERBGL-7090, BGF-7090BGL-7160, BGF-7160BG-Buffer-Adhesive
Operational Temperature Capability
  • Up to 75°C
  • Up to 125°C
  • Up to 90°C
Thickness of Temporary Bonding Layer
  • Spin coating
  • 5, 10 micron films
  • Spin coating
  • 5, 10 micron film
  • Compressible buffer-adhesive on Carrier
Die-Shear Bond Strength
  • >500 psi
  • >500 psi
  • >100ppi
Operational Temperature Capability
  • Up to 75°C
  • Up to 125°C
  • Up to 90°C
De-Bonding Temperature and Mechanism
  • >120°C with vacuum chuck sliding
  • >180°C with slipping push
  • Peel release at ambient
Cleaning MediaIso-propanol (IPA)Iso-propanol (IPA)Iso-propanol (IPA)
Water Jet ResistanceOutstandingOutstandingOutstanding

Temporary bonding wax and film are one of the lowest cost and effective means in thinning substrates and wafers

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