Wafer Processing Temporary Bonding Film and Spin Coating Adhesive

Adding to the proven AIT high temperature and low thermal resistance bonding material solutions in CMP, PVD and wafer processing:

In addition to our proven record of usage achieving unparalleled feats of high vacuum, high temperature and low thermal resistance interface bonding media, AIT temporary bonding adhesive solutions are the most comprehensive material solutions innovated and manufactured in the United States.

(The Microlab at Berkeley and SPTS both use AIT solutions: 

Microlab at Berkeley


With some of most advanced materials and experienced chemists in formulating and customizing temporary bonding materials and solutions for critical semi-conductor and microelectronic operations of thinning wafers for superior performance, AIT is now a family wafer processing adhesives in film (first in the world) and spin coating for ultra-high temperature (more than 330°C) high vacuum operations and molecular structures for heat-sliding, solvent and/or laser assisted separation.


  • 5-80 Micron and Thinner Film That Enables Much Thinner and Exact Wafer Processing
  • The Only Non-Polar Adhesive for Stress-Free Temperature Processing Up to 320°C
  • Modified Cyanate Ester for High Stress-Free Temperature Processing up to 330°C
  • Crystal Clear Transparency for Processing Alignment

Properties of AIT Wafer Processing Adhesives Including 3DTSV:

  • First in melt-flow bonding film for 60 micron and thicker for high topography wafer processing
  • Short bonding time of seconds at moderate temperature @150°C so as not to induce undue internal stress
  • Cured for cross-linked adhesive strength and stability for mechanical wafer grinding thinning
  • Molecular thermal stability and compressive strength for 3D processing at temperature of 300-330°C without degradation in bond strength or generating any outgassing to cause voids
Release-Separation Mechanism
  • Heat-Sliding
  • Solvent Assisted
  • Heat-Sliding
  • Solvent Assisted
  • Laser Assisted
Supplied Formats and Bonding
  • Film on release liner for melt-bonding on carrier wafer-substrate
  • Liquid for spin coating onto carrier wafer-substrate
  • Vacuum melt-bonding at temperature @150°C
Thickness Availability
  • 5, 10, 20, 40, and  80 micron film with other thickness available sandwich in release liners
  • 1,200 cps for spin coating with typical thickness of 10 micron (may be diluted for thinner film)
Polymer and Temperature Capability
  • Non-Polar Polymer
  • 320°C for over 30 min with 0.0 % weight loss
  • Modified Cyanate Ester
  • 330°C for over 60 min with 0.0 % weight loss
Separation-Release Temperature and Cleaning
  • Heat-Sliding >180°C with vacuum chuck, or
  • Peel with solvent assisted removal
  • Heat-Sliding >300°C with vacuum chuck, or
  • Laser De-polymerization >450°C
  • Peel with solvent assisted removal
Chemical and Acid-Base Compatibility
  • Withstand polar solvents based spin coating of resists, etc.
  • Not affected by acid or base solutions for electro-plating, etc.
Etching and Other Processes
  • Dry and wet etching, CMP, and PVD
  • Outstanding bonding and withstand 60 minutes or more at 320-330°C without any weight loss or outgassing

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AIT application engineering, sales, chemists and material scientists are ready to serve your special needs and applications. Please inform us of your requirements using the contact / application assistance page:

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