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New Generation of Protection Coating-Paint for Marine Seacoast Corrosion Under Salt Fog and Salt Spray Exposure

According to the Marine Corrosion Forum, year upon year the cost of marine corrosion has increased until it is estimated today at 4 % of the Gross National Product. An enlightened approach to materials selection, protection and corrosion control is needed to reduce this burden of wasted materials, wasted energy and wasted money. Understand the causes of marine corrosion and the way in which protective coatings and systems along with more resistant materials can reduce or entirely eliminate sea water corrosion problems.

Many different types of destructive attack, “aqueous corrosion” can occur to structures, ships and other equipment used in or near sea water service with atmospheric corrosion of metals exposed on or near coastlines, and hot salt corrosion in engines operating at sea or taking in salt-laden air (salt fog) also require a systematic approach and protection coatings to eliminate or manage them.

How can marine corrosion be controlled? Key factors in prevention of marine corrosion are design, selection of materials, construction, use and maintenance.  Among the main methods for controlling the tendency of metals to corrode in sea water, painting or coating helps to isolate the corroding metal from sea water or salt fog is one of most effective methods that can be applied with and after or without and as post installation after thought protection.

According to the Marine Corrosion Forum, corrosion was found to be responsible for 30% of failures on ships and other marine equipment.  These are expensive errors arising from the selection and use of unsuitable materials and are compounded by ever increasing penalties on vessels, civil and military for breakdown and unnecessarily short intervals between outages for major repairs.  On offshore platforms the cost penalty for replacement of failed equipment is several times that required for a similar onshore facility, and this does not take into account any losses of oil or gas production.

AIT marine protection coatings are engineered to be applied as primary or maintenance protection coatings that can be applied onto existing coating or paint to provide additional salt water or salt fog protection. They can be typically applied without preparation other than normal reasonable cleaning. CC7090-M is specially designed with additional function of protection against microbiologic or microbial attack for both direct immersion and salt laden environments. SC7050 and SC7130 are transparent PVDF based decorative coating for protecting metal surfaces against salt fog and UV exposures.

Protective Coatings

  • UV & Moisture Protective Coatings (Transparent)
  • UV & Moisture Protective Coatings (Colored)
  • Marine Coatings (Colored and Transparent)

High Temperature Labels and Film-Tapes

  • Anti-static High Temperature Label Films
  • High Temperature Clean Room Labels
  • High Temperature Labels
  • High Temperature Labeling Tapes

Industrial Tape Adhesives

  • High Bond Strength Transfer Tapes
  • High Temperature Transfer Tapes
  • High Temperature Protective Tapes
  • High Temperature Permanent Tapes

Water and Salt Water Resistant Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) and Film-Tapes

  • Parts bonded with PSA-300-WR maintain outstanding long-term bonding when submersed in water or salt water
  • Available as double-sided tape (PSA-300-WR) and single sided tape (PSA-300-WRT) with proprietary flexible carrier film
  • Pressure sensitive bond strength increases with temperature up to 110C
  • Outstanding performance for semi-permanent pressure sensitive bonding in ambient, high humidity and traditional PSA applications

UV Resistant And UV Blocking Coatings, Adhesive Tapes & Films

Comparative PSA Adhesive Performance

Rubber Based PSAAcrylics Based PSASilicone Based PSAFluorinated PSA (AIT)Cross-linked PSA (AIT)
Moderate bond strength to most substratesModerate bond strength to variety of substratesModerate bond strength to most substratesModerate bond strength to most substratesExcellent bond strength to most substrates
Soft and flexibleSemi-flexibleSoft and flexibleFlexibleFlexible
Up to 125°C continuous & higher intermittentUp to 125°C with decreasing bond strength with increasing tempUp to 300°C continuous & higher intermittentUp to 125°C with decreasing bond strength with increasing temp180°C continuous, 350°C intermittent
Good flexibility to -40°C for mostGood flexibility to -20°C for mostGood flexibility to -55°C or betterGood flexibility to -55°CGood flexibility to -55°C
Creep resistantMay creep at higher tempCreep resistanceCreep resistanceCreep resistance
Fair UV resistanceModerate UV resistanceExcellent UV resistanceExcellent UV resistanceModerate UV resistance
Poor agingDurableExcellent agingExcellent agingExcellent aging
Removable with some residualsTough to remove and with residualsRemovable with some residualsRemovable with some residualsRemovable with some residuals
Fair chemical resistanceGood chemical resistanceGood chemical resistanceExcellent chemical resistanceExcellent chemical resistance
Fair solvent resistanceGood solvent resistanceGood solvent resistanceExcellent solvent resistanceExcellent solvent resistance
Indoor general purpose applicationsGeneral purpose applicationsDesigned for high & low temp applicationsDesigned for UV resistant outdoor applicationsNon-silicone high temperatures

The above pictures are taken with moisture barrier coating on aluminum foil that are easily corroded by salt-water and salt fog. A 5 micron coating of CC7090 provides adequate protection to the aluminum surface while the parts that are not protected showed dramatic tarnishes (dark-brown “colored”). CC7090 is available as unfilled or filled with UV blockers materials. They are particularly useful for electrical devices, contacts, joints and printed circuit boards that may need additional conformal protection with extended long-term exposures.

Marine and coastal environment with salt-fog exposure represents one of the toughest conditions to protect against corrosion damages. UV blocking fluorinated coating (SC7055-WHITE and other colored coatings) resistant to UV and provide blocking to metal passivation coating and moisture barrier.

Metal, wood and plastic parts in a ship or boat can be protected against UV exposure and moisture and salt induced corrosion with fluorinated coatings (e.g. SC7055-WHITE and SC7050)

Hard to reach and decorative metals can be protected with UV resistant transparent coating such as SC7150 or SC7050

Hard to reach high rise and tall building are ideal candidates for fluorinated UV-blocking and moisture barrier helps to prolong the structural integrity of the metals and plastic structures

Clean-room and specialty circuit boards and electronic components can benefits with the high temperature stable, non-contaminating labels and adhesive tapes

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