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Testimonials on AIT PRIMA-PROTECT Conformal Coating

“It is imperative that the electronic circuitry never experiences any form of moisture on the circuit board or any of its components, not even the smallest trace amounts.  The literature of some of these other conformal coatings indicated that they possessed great hydrophobic properties, meaning that they reject water from their surface.  Materials having non-hygroscopic, those resisting the moisture absorption, are much less common.  We did much testing, using our own printed circuit assemblies as our primary instrument. The non-hygroscopic properties of AI Technology’s CC7090-E proved to be outstanding. We detected no evidence of hygroscopic moisture absorption.  The CC7090-E has strong non-hygroscopic properties even with long exposure to humidity of 90% RH (Relative Humidity) and greater.  It is our conformal coating of choice.  It probably should be the choice for many electronic assemblies that may be adversely affected by moisture absorption.”

-Hugh Baker, CONSENSE Corp. 207 733 2525 (www.CONSENSE.com)

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