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At AI Technology, we are dedicated to making your application a success. The Application Analysis form below tells us what you are looking for and helps us recommend the right product for you. Application Analysis is also the first step in ordering a sample for evaluation. So please take a moment to tell us what you need. All you have to do is click on a few options. We promise, it’s fast and easy!

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Die Attach (Conventional Back-Side)Die Attach (Flip Chip)Die Attach (DDAF, Wafer Level)Dicing TapeGrinding TapeInsulated Metal Substrate for MCPCB (Thick Base Plate)Insulated Metal Substrate for MCPCB (Flexible)High Temperature Flexible Circuit SubstrateThermal Adhesive Tape/FilmThermal Adhesive PasteThermal Interface Pads (Phase Change, Conformable)Thermal Interface Gap-Filling (Compressible)Thermal Interface Greases/GelsSubstrate AttachComponent AttachSubstrate and Component Attach UnderfillLid Sealing - Paste (Dispensing and Screenable)Lid Sealing - Film and PreformsElectromagnetic Shielding - CoatingElectromagnetic Shielding - SealantElectromagnetic Shielding - Metal Tape with PSAElectromagnetic Shielding - SheetFilm (EMI/RFI)Solar - Back Sheet (Insulated thermal backsheet)Solar - Front SheetSolar - Tabbing AdhesiveSOLARTABCustom Material or Service (Please Specify)

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Simple Needle Dispensing (Pressure-Time)Volumetric Needle Dispensing (Positive Displacement)Screen-StencilingFilm (Preform, Sheet, Roll)Other Dispensing Requirement (Please Specify)

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