Porcelain and glass disc type suspension insulators are widely used as high voltage transmission and distribution line insulators. These insulators have excellent mechanical and electrical properties when they are newly installed. They also have extensive reliable operating experience. However, over time with the weather, and particular under more corrosive environments, these insulators suffer from corrosion at the metal-insulator interfaces of negative polarity and corroded pins at the positive polarity. Corroded insulator decreased in mechanical as well as insulation strength. The corroded interfacial surfaces decrease its insulating capability from protecting flashover voltages. 

The proven ability of FLUOROSEAL® SC7050-UVB and SC7130-UVB as protective coatings against the harmful UV rays and molecular penetration of acid and sulfur laden atmosphere when applied onto the high voltage junctions at insulating ceramic and glass insulators interfaces help to extend the useful life of these insulators. These novel coatings are molecularly flexible to “seal” off any microcracking at the metal-insulator interfaces from accumulation of water and contaminants. From the experiences from these FLUOROSEAL® coating protection against UV and corrosion in other applications, as much as 2 times the normal replacement life may be achieved.

The novel AIT conformal coatings have been proven to protect the traditional protective structural coatings that are exposed to the combined effects of UV, salt-spray and sulfur-laden environment. SC7130-UVB and SC7050-UVB have found unparalleled performance in protecting plastics and coatings on metal and concrete structures against UV and corrosion. It can extend the useful life of the structural coating by as much as 2-3 times its normal useful life span. A 25-micron coating is adequate in extending the maintenance period and thus reduces the costs of maintenance. These UV and corrosion protection coatings are ideal for windmill structures in or near the sea, bridges over the seas, and solar farm structures.

Protective Coatings for Outdoor LED and Painted Displays

UV Blocking, UV Resistant and Moisture Blocking Transparent Protective Coatings for Clear Preservation of Plastic, Wood, Paint, and Metal:

UV and moisture blocking, transparent protective coatings are the two unique combination characteristics of SC7050-UVB and SC7130-UVB that are not found in any other sprayable, brushable coatings. These fluoropolymer-based coatings have now been proven to provide outstanding non-yellowing protection for the large outdoor LED display panels.

If the printed wiring board is for indoor applications and only needs to protect against moisture, water, and even salt fog or acid rains, AIT CC7130-E will be the recommended conformal coating. However, if the devices or part of the device are also exposed to the direct sun needing protection against UV embrittling and degradation effect on the plastic parts, SC7050-UVB and SC7130-UVB are the proven choices.

UV rays from sun exposure also discolor and embrittle the paints on outdoor exposed surfaces such as painted displays and printed advertisements. Of course, any outdoor objects that are painted and exposed to the sun will also suffer the same fate of fading colors. SC7050-UVB coating on top of the decorative or functional paints will extend the coloring for many years. SC7050-UVB besides provides transparency while blocking out harmful UV light, also blocks out moisture and water penetration and thus provides additional protection to the painted surfaces.

Painted displays are normally last only one or two seasons and will need to be replaced or paint over when the paint or prints color is fading rapidly. For more permanent display requirements, AIT SC7050-UVB will provide protection against color fading and structural integrity for many years and thus reduces the costs of maintenance and replacement.

For the colorful displays and objects near the sea, SC7050-UVB transparent coating not only extends the color brilliance, but they also provide corrosion and degradation protection against salt fog and saltwater.

UV Blocking Transparent Protective Coating

For use on LED Displays and Graphic Displays exposed to direct sunlight

UV light from the sun causes plastics and paint to discolor rapidly within a year.  It is particularly costly for brilliant outdoor LED displays.  SC7050-UVB and SC7130-UVB were engineered to provide the clear transparent protection of the plastic “lens” of the LED display. In addition to blocking the UV energy from destroying transparent plastics molded on the LED, SC7050-UVB and SC7130-UVB also provide sealing against moisture and rain to stop degradation of electronic interconnections in LED lights.

In parallel testing SC7050-UVB and SC7130-UVB have proven to be the only non-yellowing, sprayable, clear transparent coatings for outdoor LED displays.

SC7050-UVB and SC7130-UVB are the only available brushable and sprayable clear (transparent and non-yellowing) protective coatings that perform.

While SC7130-UVB was engineered to protect plastic, wood and paint from discoloration; It is also a transparent coating for metal surfaces, protecting against staining/corrosion from acid rain as well as other heat and moisture degradation.

SC7050-UVB and SC7130-UVB are designed for temperatures up to 85°C and 125°C. They are flouro-polymer transparent coatings that have been proven to preserve the colors on painted and LED displays for many years under direct exposure to the sun.

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