Hydrophobic Moisture Blocking Conformal Coating for Moisture, Salt-Fog and Water Immersion Protection

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Ultra Hydrophobic (Repel Water), Super Non-Hygroscopic (Do not Absorb or Retain Moisture or Water) and Moisture Blocking (Low to Zero Moisture Permeability) Conformal Coatings for Protecting Printed Circuit Boards and Electronic Devices Exposed to Salt-Fog, Moisture and Water Immersion

Power switching station and electronic control centers that are exposed to natural heat and humidity while not as vulnerable in comparison to salt fog environment, can also benefit with a protective coating for the printed wiring board and electronics are can prevent moisture penetration. AIT PRIMA-PROTECT™ CC7090-E and CC7130-E conformal coating have been proven in paralleled testing to block moisture and water absorption and protect the electronics much better than traditional epoxy, acrylic, polyurethane and silicone conformal coating.

Traditional acrylics, epoxies, polyurethane conformal coating allows some moisture to penetrate and also retain from 0.3-1.0% of moisture in the material. That is they are somewhat hygroscopic. Water tends to spread fairly well on these conformal coating materials as well as demonstrated by its relatively low contact angles when water drops on these surfaces.

Silicone has a very low contact angle when what drop on its surface and thus very hydrophobic. However, it also has 10-20 times higher moisture permeability through these conformal coating that will enables the printed circuit boards and its metallization to retain these moisture and water to cause potential corrosion.

AIT PRIMA-PROTECT™ CC7090-E and CC7130-E were designed to have the same and better moisture and water protection than the vacuum deposited Parylene conformal coating at an affordable costs in materials and costs of ownership.

  • They are hydrophobic and thus repel direct water in immersion and can be used in direct water and salt-water immersion applications.
  • They block moisture from penetrating with almost zero moisture permeability that is even better than the parylene conformal coating in this aspect of printed wiring boards protection.
  • Also critical for the proven unparalleled protection for the printed wiring boards are its unique property in absorbing zero or undetectable water in moisture or water form.
  • PRIMA-PROTECT™ CC7090-E and CC7130-E have been engineered for boards to be coated easily and reworked easily just like the acrylic based conformal coating.

Majority of the conformal coatings such as acrylics, epoxies and polyurethanes have Tg at around 40-90°C that will induce undue stresses to cause excessive failure when coating thickness is not carefully controlled. AIT engineered its PRIMA-PROTECT™ CC7090-E and CC7130-E with Tg @-55°C and provide stress-free protection against moisture penetration, corrosive salt fog, acid rain, and salt water immersion in cold and hot weathers.

Since pioneering the use of flexible epoxy technology for electronic packaging in 1985, AI Technology (AIT) has been one of the leading forces in developing advanced materials and adhesive solutions for electronic interconnection and packaging. PRIMA-PROTECT™ CC7090-E and CC7130-E provides a game changing, unparalleled protection against extreme industrial and salt mist laden exposure.

AIT SOLAR-BLOC™ SC7050-UVB provides protection against direct UV exposure for more vulnerable flexible solar panels with direct exposures to solar and UV rays.

With the introduction of AIT’s patented solar materials and solutions (US8,394,650 and others pending), AIT offers UV blocking and UV transparent coatings as well as proven materials for electronic board level and system level protection against moisture, salt-fog and water immersion.

Critical infrastructure such as electrical power stations need protection against corrosion  in the high voltage contact points and electrical switches and other controlling electronics requires protective coatings that can also withstand UV resistance besides moisture and acidic rains and other corrosive industrial environments.

AIT SOLAR-BLOC™ SC7130-UVB protective coating can also be used to protect traditional painted or unpainted metal, wood or plastic structure against the combination of water-moisture-salt attacks. SOLAR-BLOC™ helps to maintain its brilliance in displaying the messages for years of maintenance-free and extended life usage.

Salt fog and rain are known to the worst enemy of electronics, electrical contacts and printed wiring boards that are used in boat and ship of all sizes. AIT PRIMA-PROTECT™ conformal coatings applied to the circuit boards have been proven to outperform all of the existing acrylic, epoxy, polyrethane and silicone types of conformal coatings. CC7130 can also be used to coat and seal the enclosure, structural parts and exposed metal to protect them against corrosion and degradation.


with engineered molecular structure for proven performance in moisture penetration blocking, water repelling for salt-fog and water immersion protection of electronic circuit board

What distinguishes AIT’s Conformal Coatings are  their unparalleled ability to adhere to all components on the printed circuit board (PCB) or printed wiring board (PWB) and induce zero stress while providing outstanding moisture, salt-fog and water barrier.  These capabilities are achieved with unconventional polymer engineering and designs.  AIT’s advanced conformal PCB or PWB protection products are ideal for large high performance devices operating at harsh ship board electronics and electrical contacts.

  • Moisture, salt-fog immune and immersion capable conformal coating for extreme reliability requirements
  • UV-blocking and moisture barrier microelectronic and electronic system coating for long-term usage under direct sun and rain exposure.
  • RoHS, REACH and WEEE compliant to meet UL94V-0 rating.

One of the proven application of AIT SOLAR-BLOC™ protective coating was protecting the large outdoor LED display from color degradation and thus maintain its brilliance in displaying the messages for years of maintenance-free and extended life usage.

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VIDEO describing the unique moisture blocking and non moisture-water absorption properties of AIT PRIMA-PROTECT conformal coating in contributing to the unparalleled performance in protecting printed circuit board from damages in salt mist and/or in industrial environment with corrosive ions dissolved in the moisture and acid rains.

Conformal PWB Coatings and UV Protection Coatings

FUNCTION AIT PART# Moisture, Water, Electrical other Relevant Properties
Conformal Coating for PWB CC7090-E
  • Conforms to properties in IPC-CC-830, IPC-TM-650, MIL-I-46058, ASTM-D-1005, UL 94
  • Brush and spray coating for applications below 90ºC
Higher Temperature Conformal Coating CC7130-E
  • Designed to also conform to NASA-STD-8739.1
  • Brush and spray coating for applications below 130ºC
Transparent UV Blocking Coating SC7130-UVB
  • Optically transparent but UV blocking coating
  • Outstanding protection for moisture, salt-fog and UV for exposed plastics and protecting metals from tarnishing and rust
Non-Transparent UV Blocking Coating SC7133-“X”
  • Optically opaque and UV blocking coating with “X” colors
  • Outstanding protection for moisture, salt-fog and UV for exposed plastics and protecting metals from tarnishing and rust
Transparent UV Transparent Coating SC7130
  • Optically transparent and UV blocking coating
  • Outstanding protection for moisture, salt-fog and UV for exposed plastics and protecting metals from tarnishing and rust

All AIT Conformal Coatings and Masking Materials are RoHs Compliant

Automotive electronics require high performance conformal coatings to guard against humidity, water spray and condensation. Effective masking material solutions must be used to ensure cost effectiveness with easy application and removal.

Traditional acrylic-based and epoxy conformal coating that has glass transition temperature around 10-20°C and induces excessive stresses during low temperature cycles in the usages and reduces the reliability of the electronic devices (http://www.slideshare.net/CherylTulkoff/how-conformal-coating-can-kill).  AIT PRIMA-PROTECT™ CC7090-E and CC7130-E are engineered to have glass transition temperature, Tg, at -55°C. That is, the PRIMA-PROTECT™ conformal coating is not sensitive to the thickness of coating applications and will not exert stresses on the components on the printed wiring boards.

The unparalleled performance and reliability demonstrated in the parallel side-by-side testings are attributable to the incorporation and combination of moisture penetration blocking and molecular flexibility to allow wide latitude of coating thickness to provide the best protection of electronic devices against heat and moisture, salt fog and even salt water immersion. CC7090-E and CC7130-E are free of silicone and will be contaminate circuit boards for rework and soldering.

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