Solar Energy Enhancement and Protective Coating, Sealant and Adhesive

Thermal Interface for Solar Cells, Modules and Concentrator Photovoltaic Solar (CPV):

Concentrated Photovoltatic Solar (CPV) is gaining momentum and is targeted to achieve close 40% efficiency.

One of the key requirements to enable such focused energy conversion is to dissipate the excess energy that is not being used and convert it into electrical energy. Only when the junction temperature of the solar cells receiving the concentrated solar height is lowered to close to ambient temperature will the efficiency of the solar cells be maintained. Thermal dissipation is one of the key ingredients to enable such a solution.

AIT SOLAR Solutions include some of the most proven solutions in large area thermal management:

  • Conformable Compressible Phase-Change CPR7153 and COOL-SILVER™ PAD have been proven in computer and microelectronic applications. The Conformable Compressible Phase-Change CPR7153 and COOL-SILVER™ PAD are not only stable against UV but also hydrophobic to resist moisture degradation.
  • COOL-GREASE™ CGR7013 is also used extensively for high power dissipation and has demonstrated long-term reliability.

Moisture and Anti-Glare Coating for Solar Cell, Module and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)


SOLAR-THRU SC7130 is designed to protect solar cells before lamination with other UV transparent encapsulant like EVA that may be corrosive for metalization on the solar cell and its interconnections when moisture and water penetrated through them. Having a thin coating of SC7130 before lamination of EVA encapsulant will extends the life of solar cell and protect the solar cells in high temperature, humidity and salt fog exposure.

SOLAR-THRU™ SC7130 is an anti-glare PVDF coating that provides “total transparency” from UV to infrared. SOLAR-THRU™ SC7130 is proven to have long-term stability under direct sun exposure and eliminates glare to allow more solar energy transmission onto solar cells to achieve maximum conversion efficiency.

Having a thin coating of SC7130 before lamination of EVA encapsulant will extends the life of solar cell and protect the solar cells in high temperature, humidity and salt fog exposure. For solar panels that are not protected and in direct contact with EVA encapsulant, CC7133 can be applied to the edges of the solar panels and structural supports for protecting against salt fog penetration and corrosion.

Concentrated solar power, or CSP, works by using an array of paroabolic mirrors and/or lenses to focus a large area of sunlight (solar thermal energy) onto a small area. Most CSP systems work by heating up water and some cases, inorganic salt, that phase-changes to liquid at a high enough temperature to store the energy.

SC7090-UVB have been proven to provide unparalleled protection for outdoor LED display against yellowing and extend the brilliance of the outdoor display. SC7090-UVB is among few coating that are transparent and non-yellowing coating that protects electronics and metal surface against acid rain and other corrosive elements. It is one of the few such coatings that can be applied with dipping, brushing and spray coating.

Coated metal that can easily be formed into a parabolic shape is one of the most cost effective form of mirrors. Metals such as polished aluminum, coated silver or other metal requires passivation to maintain the long term ability to reflect solar thermal energy. AIT Solar coating SOLAR-THRU™ SC7150 is one of the most effective PVDF coatings for such applications.

SOLAR-THRU™ SC7150 has the UV stability of PVDF and is engineered as an ambient temperature curing coating that can be either pre-applied or used for repair coating. The transmission coefficient is close to 96% at 2.5 mil or 65 micron thickness of coating from UV to infra-red frequency range.

Solar Protective Coatings and Anti-Glare Energy Optimized Coatings for Solar Cells and Solar Panels, Decorative Metals and Coatings to Prevent Moisture-Water, Salt, UV or Combination Environmental Induced Degradation

Solar applications and civil structures that are exposed to direct sun light encounter some of the most challenging material complications. AIT has developed a specific series of protective coatings with different properties for the solar cell, module, panel and installation applications. All of these specialty coatings are made with proven fluorinated polymers engineered for outstanding adhesion on metals, glass and on most plastics used in solar and civil structural applications. AIT’s speciality coatings provide proven UV stability, moisture barrier protection and are embedded with specially designed electrical conductivity, high dielectric strength or anti-static properties for the intended application.

Protective Coating

SOLAR-BLOC SC7115 is an electrically insulating and moisture resistant coating that has high thermal conductivity to help minimize heat hot-spot degradation while also protect against moisture induced long-term instability induced by galvanic, salt-fog, and moisture exposure.

These applications of UV resistant, high moisture barrier adhesive-coatings are specifically engineered to be compatible with the melt-bonding process to advance the speed of manufacturing that has been a hurdle in reducing the cost of solar applications.  Previous pages discussed how AIT’s technologies can enhance tabbing and solar panel lamination.  This page discusses how select application of AIT’s  protective coatings and sealant-adhesives increase the long-term reliability of solar panels.

Solar Roofing-Array

AIT Solar Energy Optimization Enabling Coating, Sealant, Adhesive and thermal Interface Materials for SOLAR Applications
Function AIT Part # UV, Moisture, Thermal, Electrical & Other Properties
Anti-Glare Coating SOLAR-THRU™ SC 7050-CLEAR
  • PVDF insulating flexible moisture barrier coating with refractive index of 1.45
  • Ideal for coating on glass surface to minimize glare and enhance solar transmission
  • Allow UV-A, UV-B and wide optical spectrum to go through for electronic sensor protection and operational enhancement
Insulating Coating & Moisture Barrier SOLARBLOC™ SB 7155
  • Insulating flexible moisture barrier coating with high voltage insulation
  • Ideal for terminations & electrical junction protection with ease of rework
Anti-static Coating & Moisture Barrier SOLARBLOC™ SB 9133
  • Semi-conductive anti-static flexible moisture barrier coating
  • Designed to provide unparalleled discharge protection for plastic enclosures
Clear Decorative Solar Protective Coating SC7050-PC
  • UV stable, high moisture barrier coating for decorative metal, coatings, glass and most plastics
  • Provides for UV-A, UV-B absorption protection while allowing the brilliance of colors to be viewed
  • Ideal for maintenance-free installation for environmental and flexing protection
Colored Decorative Solar Blocking Protective Coatings 1. SC7053-WHITE

2. SC7053-BLACK

3. SC7053-RED

4. SC7053-BLUE

  • UV stable, high moisture barrier coatings for structural protection of metals, plastics and coated structural parts
  • Provides permanent and ultimate UV blocking and absorption for long-term protection
  • Ideal for exposed electronic boxes, difficult to maintain parts and structures including bridges

Physical structures made with metal, plastics and paints can be protected against moisture and salt fog induced corrosion and degradation with a thin coating of CC7133 with grey color or SC7090-UVB when transparency is required.

Other AIT Adhesives & Thermal Interface Materials for SOLAR Applications
Insulating Thermal Interface COOL-PAD™ CPR7153
  • Low thermal resistance interface, electrical insulating pad
  • Compressible, phase-change interface pad
Conductive Thermal Interface COOL-SILVER™ PAD CPR8850
  • Lowest thermal resistance, electrically non-conductive interface pad
  • Compressible, phase-change interface pad
Electrical Interface Grease COOL-GREASE® CGR8550
  • Non-curing, electrically conductive interface grease for moving parts
  • Lowest thermal resistance non-silicone grease, proven long-term stability
Thermal Interface Grease COOL-GREASE® CGR7093
  • Lowest thermal resistance, electrically insulating interface grease
  • Non-curing, non-silicone, proven long-term stability

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