Insulated Metal Substrate for Metal Core Printed Circuit Board

Ultra High Thermally Conductive Insulated Metal Substrate for Metal Core Printed Circuit Board (MCPCB) Applications:

  • LED Substrate with outstanding heat dissipation and dielectric strength between metal layers
  • Insulated aluminum substrate laminate with insulated copper cladding on aluminum substrate heat-spreader
  • 20 inch by 24 inch panel
  • 40 and 60 mil aluminum heatspreading plate
  • 1 oz, 2oz, 3oz or custom copper thickness
  • No fiber-glass mesh to deter thermal dissipation
  • Controlled dielectric thermal interface layer of 3 mil (75 micron) with custom thickness available
  • Low to zero interfacial stress between copper and aluminum with proven reliability
  • Standard insulated metal thermal substrates (IMTS) measured and proven to have two times (2X) higher thermal conductivity
  • Specialty Diamond filled metal core printed wiring board (MCPWB) insulated metal thermal substrate.   First and only MCPWB insulated metal thermal substrate available industry wide.

Flexible solar panel

The flexible solar panel is a circuit application produced using a flexible insulated thermal substrate with copper cladding on both sides of the thermally conducting insulating dielectric, as pioneered by AIT engineers.

Industry’s First Flexible Insulated Metal Substrate for Metal Core Printed Circuit Board (Flexible MCPCB) LED Substrate Applications:

  • Flexible and conformable for specialty high power devices and modules
  • Insulated copper substrate laminates with copper cladding on copper substrate heat spreader
  • 20 inch by 24 inch sheet for standard applications
  • Rolls of other lengths are available for custom application
  • 1 oz, 2oz, 3oz or custom copper thickness
  • Thin and no fiber-glass mesh to deter thermal dissipation

Flexible LED lighting

Flexible LED lighting benefits from the low cost AIT flexible insulated metal substrate that set the benchmark of thermal conductivity and thermal impedance as LED substrate

Thermal Substrate Laminate or Insulated Metal Substrate For Led, Power Module, High Power Devices and Metal Core Printed Circuit Board (MCPCB) Applications

COOL-CLAD™ insulated metal thermal substrate laminate for metal core printed circuit boards (MCPCB) with low thermal impedance is used for chip-on-board, insulated metal PCB and device sub-mount structure LED packaging applications. AIT insulated metal thermal substrate with either aluminum or copper metal heat spreader does not use the more conventional fiber-glass meshed thermal laminate of insulated metal substrates, instead AIT’s insulated metal thermal substrate uses a proven high thermal crystallite filled molecularly flexible polymer that is hydrophobic and has almost zero internal interfacial stress for long-term reliability.  AIT’s high thermal crystallite has tested and proven successful with twice the thermal conductivity and 100% less thermal impedance. As a LED substrate, AIT’s high thermal crystallite is an ideal solution for high brightness LED lighting applications.

Solar LED Speed Sign

LED signal lights and LED displays are one of the applications that benefit from the ease of fabrication using standard PWB manufacturing processes and technologies. With two times lower thermal impedance and two times thermal conductivity in comparison to traditional insulated metal substrates, AIT’s insulated metal substrate provides unparalleled lighting efficiency and reliability.

COOL-CLAD™ metal core printed circuit board substrate laminates are ideal for the most demanding thermal management applications requiring low thermal impedance:

  1. COOL-CLAD™ CL is an insulated aluminum metal substrate designed for LED lighting, high power modules and power devices that require ultra-low thermal impedance for both large and small area circuits.
  2. COOL-CLAD™ CC series is a flexible thermal substrate with insulated copper laminate that is ideal for large area LED display, LCD TV and LED backlight units.


AIT insulated metal (metal core printed circuit board) thermal substrate is produced without the use of, nor does it contain fiberglass mesh to optimize the thermal conductivity for the lowest thermal resistance and thermal impedance.

Key Benefits of COOL-CLAD™ insulated metal (metal core printed wiring board) thermal substrates:

  • Reduces the thermal impedance to half and thus lowers chip temperature to increase light output.
  • Extends useful life of LED lighting further than lighting using standard insulated metal substrates.
  • Stress free with proven robustness, reliability against high temperatures and thermal cycling for long-term durability.

Compliance and Additional Benefits:

  • RoHS compliant
  • Fire rating: V-0
  • Lead free solder compatibility

LED Displays

Large LED displays can be easily formed into shapes and curves with the use of the flexible insulated metal thermal substrate available only from AI Technology, Inc.

Key Applications of LED Substrates of Insulated Metal Laminates:

  • LED lighting
  • LED Display
  • LCD Display Backlighting for computers, televisions and monitors

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