Substrate and Component Attach

With more than 25 years of pioneering product development for stress free molecularly flexible adhesives made with epoxy and thermoplastic polymers, AIT offers one of the most innovative substrate and large area bonding product lines for electronics applications. Additionally, drawing upon our extensive patented and proprietary adhesive products and team of experienced engineers and scientists, AIT can provide a detailed analysis of your applications to provide the best solution and ensure your product’s success.

Molecularly Flexible Substrate Bonding Adhesives with Stress Free Bonding of Substrates and Components of Different Thermal Expansion Coefficients (CTE) for Ultimate Reliability

AIT has many proven epoxy pastes and film adhesives for thermal and microwave ground plane management in component and substrate attachments. The ME8456 series of flexible conductive adhesives and TC8750 flexible film adhesive have been the mainstay of conductive adhesives used for microwave applications in military electronics with 20 years of proven success.

AIT’s recent development of pressure sensitive epoxy film adhesives including RTK7559-LB, RTK7553-LB and RTC8550 offer even better thermal performance with longer-ambient shelf-life.

Factors Affecting Adhesive Reliability

ContributorAdverse FactorFavorable Factor
Molecular Intimacy
  • Oil & contaminates
  • Weak surface oxides
  • Low surface energy of adherends
  • Lower surface tension adhesive
  • Good adhesive flow
  • High adherend surface energy
Internal Stresses
  • High modulus adhesive
  • High CTE mismatch
  • High adhesive Tg
  • Low modulus adhesive
  • Low CTE mismatch
  • Low adhesive Tg
Operational Environments
  • Ionic impurities & moisture
  • High moisture & temperature
  • High temperature exposure
  • Low temperature exposure
  • Ionically clean
  • Low moisture absorption
  • High temperature adhesive stability
  • Low Tg, high flexibility adhesive

The following subsequent web pages feature some representative products. For more details on paste or film adhesives and their applications, please go to the respective dedicated web pages.

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