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Temporary Bonding Thermal Grease-Gel for Etching Vacuum Chamber

The World’s Most Proven Thermal Conductive Media Operating in the Highest Vacuum Chamber

CGR7016 and CGR7018 are used extensively and served as “industry standard” holding and thermal media for ultra-high vacuum etching and thinning operations.  Details and applications can be found in the following approved links:

The same thermal, etch resistant and high vacuum performance characteristics available in the bonding pad formats are also available in many specialty substrate thinning applications. Application of substrate-thinning materials has been proven in the world’s best known semi-conductor processing chambers.

The success of the substrate-thinning material is in part due to high performance under extreme conditions without contamination or down time that can be costly.

The extensive AIT reversible temporary bonding solutions are engineered specifically for the processing of compound semiconductors and often requires back-thinning of the processed wafers or backside lithography. Wafers of GaAs, InP, SiC and other compounds are expensive and have relatively poor mechanical properties.

AIT’s reversible bonding wax film and spin coating solution are also ideal for carrier or submount substrates back-thinning and backside lithography processing. These carrier or submount substrates are typically sapphire, quartz, glass, or in some cases Si wafers.


  • High Thermal Grease-Gel Bonding in High Vacuum Etching Chamber
  • High Thermal Bonding Pad for High Vacuum Etching Chamber

In addition to its proven record of usage and unparalleled feats of high vacuum, high temperature and low thermal resistance, AIT temporary bonding adhesives are the most comprehensive material solutions innovated and manufactured in the United States.  AIT has extensive experience using high tech materials and chemists to formulate and customize temporary bonding materials and solutions for the critical semi-conductor and microelectronic operations of thinning for advanced operations and performance.

  1. Pioneered and proven high temperature controlled peel and UV release tapes for operations at temperatures from 150°C to as high as 250°C for short period.
  2. For LED sub-mount thinning, wafer rough and fine grinding with IPA solution temporary adhesive that leaves absolutely no residuals post grinding operations. Bonding and debonding with minimum vacuum or mechanical pressure of less than 10 psi at temperatures of 90-120°C.  AIT provides large area film “wax” (IPA solution) with the same performance and ease of cleaning.
  3. Proven solution in temporary bonding thermal grease-gel including “industry-standard” high vacuum etching, CGR7016 and CGR7018, and melt-bonding electro-thermal film pads including CB8130, CPR8850, etc.
  4. Ultra-low water absorption and sensitivity.
  5. RoHS, REACH and WEEE compliant.
  6. AIT team of engineers, chemists and material scientists stand ready to help select and customize a temporary bonding solution for specific processing parameters.
High Vacuum Etching Temporary Bonding Thermal Adhesives
Bond Strength (Operation)Capillary, 10 psi shear>900/>300 psi shear
Removal (Method)IPA with/without Heat150°C/90°C slip
Vacuum Capability10−12 pressure10−12 pressure
Chemical & Etching ToleranceProven, OutstandingProven, Outstanding
Dielectric Strength (Volts/mil)>250>750
Device Push-off Strength (psi)>10>1000
Density (gm/cc)2.52.5
Thermal Conductivity> 4.0 W/m-°C> 12 W/m-°C
Maximum Continuous Operation Temp. (°C)> 150> 150
Electrical Resistivity>10¹⁴ ohm-cm>10¹⁴ ohm-cm


Thermal Grease-Gel CGR7016 and CGR7018 from AI Technology (AIT) have been proven solutions in the world for ultra-high vacuum and temperature etching operations for thinning wafers and substrates for over 10 years. Similar temporary thermal interface bonding film formats of similar thermal and electrical solutions have been part of the materials solution kits for some of the most critical operations within the most advanced chambers made in the world.

Vacuum chambers at 10−12 or 100nPa pressure with optical windows and ultra-clean stainless steel have relied on these materials to prevent contamination from “silicone” greases, gels or pads and thus prevent the downtime of de-contamination.


AIT is also the only US based manufacturer for the most innovative temporary bonding adhesive solutions in tapes and spin-coating formats for backgrinding and thinning of bumped and features-rich wafers and substrates. AIT also produces high temperature stable UV, heat-releasing and controlled peel releasing tapes for single or both surface grinding operations.

AIT engineers, sales personnel, chemists, and material scientists are ready to serve your special needs and applications. Please inform us of your requirements using the Contact tab or click on the button below:

AIT technical sales and service department can also be reached at: 1-609-799-9388 or 1-800-735-5040 (EST) and Fax: 609-799-9308