Advanced Circuit Substrate Materials

AIT COUPLER™-MIP Solderable Copper Clad Laminate

Advantages and benefits of AIT COUPLER™-MIP organic copper-clad laminate for high performance advanced chip and board level circuit:

  • Much lower dielectric constant (permittivity) and loss than polyimide and comparable to PTFE
  • Much lower substrate cost than PTFE (as much as 10 times lower) in and easier to fabricate multi-layer board with consistency
  • Consistent and lower CTE along XY and Z-axis for lower stresses and long-term thermal cycling and shock reliability
  • Highest continuous operating temperatures of >230°C
  • 100 times lower moisture absorption eliminates all measling and “pop-corn” effects common with polyimide-based components and boards

Multi-layer circuit fabrication using AIT COUPLER™-MIP organic copper-clad laminate advanced circuit substrate material:

  1. Pattern circuits of each layer with suitable fiducial marks on COUPLER™-MIP organic copper-clad laminate substrate material from 1/4, 1/2 or 1 oz copper
  2. Etched circuit traces of different layers according to design using traditional imaging and chemical processes
  3. Pre-drill or cut all vias for each layer whenever appropriate.
  4. Laminate the different layers together at temperature of 260-300°C using the fiducial marks.
  5. Finishing drilling of pre-drill vias and drill any remaining or other blind vias through to the proper layers if required
  6. Plate blind vias using traditional process
  7. Finish imaging, etching of outer layers
  8. Cut, inspect and test finished boards or interposes


  • High Frequency and microwave circuit (PTFE replacement)
  • High speed chip interposer substrate
  • High performance flexible circuit substrate (Polyimide copper clad replacement)
  • High performance multi-layer chip and board substrate material


  • High dimensional stable flexible circuit substrate material
  • Multi-layer lamination at 260°C or above
  • Directly solderable up to 250°C
  • Properties are similar to standard Polyimide with dramatically lower moisture absorption
  • Copper cladding is achieved without additional adhesive layer
  • UV solder mask may be applied simultaneously to increase yields


  • 1 oz copper on 2 mils dielectric (COUPLERTM-MIP-36)
  • 1/2 oz copper on 2 mils dielectric (COUPLERTM-MIP-18)
  • 1/4 oz copper on 2 mils dielectric (COUPLERTM-MIP-09)
Volume Resistivity (MO-cm)1X1080.1X1081000X10810X108
Density (g/cc)
Permittivity @ 1MHz – 1GHz4.42.6-
Loss Tangent @ 1MHz – 1GHz0.0180.0010.0060.002
Dielectric Breakdown (V/Micron)100240276220
Moisture Absorption (%)1.0-
Flammability (UL-94)V0V0V0V0
Tensile Strength (MPa)6322231208
Thermal Conductivity (W/m/°K)
Continuous Service Temperature (°C)>100>200>200>230
Degradation Temperature (°C)290>300>300>350
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
(X-Y Axis below Tg)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
(Z-axis below Tg)
Glass Transition Temperature (°C)134-178Not defined (Low)250>220
Relative Cost144-1004

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