Flexible and Advanced Circuit Substrate Materials

AIT COUPLER organic copper-clad laminate flexible circuit sbstrate and flexible circuit pre-preg material panels can be used to build one of the thinnest components and circuit boards with 40-50 micron dielectric over a 1/4 oz (9 micron) copper conductor.

Coupler Roll Opened

COUPLER with AIT proprietary flexible substrate has proven applicable for:

  • Through-hole plating for two sided interconnections
  • Hydrophobic with ultra low moisture absorption
  • Low dielectric constant
  • No volume limitation

Avante Flexable Tags

Solderable Flexible Circuit Materials For Fine-Pitch And Super-Fine Pitch Flexible Circuit Applications

AI Technology has developed a solderable, organic copper-clad laminate flexible circuit substrate materials that can be used at temperatures as high as 300°C. The standard flexible circuit material uses 1 oz copper on this non-polyimide proprietary molecularly flexible material for a total 3-mil thickness as flexible circuit substrate. These flexible circuit materials are available with 1/4 or 3/8-oz copper for super fine-pitch flexible circuit applications of less than 1-mil line/spacing and via.

Flexible Circuit Board

COUPLER™ Flexible Circuit Material Characteristics:

  • Proprietary organic copper-clad laminate material with low dielectric constant, 3.0 @ 1 KHz with less than 0.01 dielectric loss and high insulation strength (>1000VDC/3-mil thickness).
  • Non-silicone and non-contaminating molecularly flexible dielectric layer.
  • Withstands chemical etching and wet chemical treatments for all PWB/PCB processes.
  • Maintains outstanding flexibility even at temperatures of as low as 40°C.
  • Eliminates traditional polyimide flexible circuit material “measling” and other moisture induced degradation and reliability problems as usually associated with polyimide based circuit boards.
  • Outstanding moisture resistance, less than 0.3%, while maintaining high electrical and mechanical performance.
  • UL-94-V0 fire-retardant rating.
  • Same circuit density and design rules as traditional FR-4 and BT board.
  • Lower temperature multi-layer flexible circuit processing from as low as 125°C.
  • Solderable flexible circuit applications at 50% of the traditional polyimide flexible circuit material substrate cost.


  • Organic copper-clad laminate substrate flexible circuit materials to replace polyimide and PTFE.
  • Flex tape for area-array flexible circuit and interposer substrate.
  • Flip-chip on flex with superfine pitches.
  • Directly solderable flat and flexible jumpers.
  • Flat and flexible cabling that can be used in class
  • Solderable membrane switches and circuits.
  • Roll-to-roll or panel processing.
  • Available in rolls of various lengths and width.

AIT COUPLER™ organic copper-clad laminate flexible circuit substrate and flexible circuit pre-preg material panels can be handled in exactly the same method and infrastructure as commonly used in standard PWB and flex circuit.

1. Panel & Roll Material Handling

  • COOL-CLAD™ and COUPLER™ organic copper-clad laminate flexible circuit substrates can be stored in ambient conditions for at least 12 months.
  • COUPLER™ flexible circuit pre-preg material can be stored in ambient conditions for at least 6 months.

2. Panel Prep

  • Tooling/Registration
  • Scrubbing
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Base Metal Protection

3. Imaging

  • Dry Film Application
  • Wet Film Application
  • Screened Image Application

4. Wet Chemistry Processing

  • Etching
  • Stripping
  • Post Etch/Strip Clean

5. Solder Mask Application

  • Screen, Spray or Curtin Coat
  • Thermal Solder Mask
  • UV Cured Solder Mask

6. Second Step Drill or Punch

  • Punch
  • Drill
  • 7. Finishing Operation
  • HASL
  • OSP
  • Tin
  • Ni/Au

8. Finishing Fabrication

  • Route
  • Score
  • Punch
Characteristics Unit Conditioning Typical Values Specification
Volume Resistivity M&-cm C-96/35/90 5X108~5X109 106
Surface Resistivity M& C-96/35/90 5X106~5X107 10t
Permittivity 1 MHz C-24/23/50 3.8-4.2 5.4
Loss Tangent 1 MHz C-24/23/50 0/013-0.020 0.035
Arc Resistance Sec D-48/50 + D-0.5/23 100 60
Dielectric Breakdown KV D-48/50 45 40
Moisture Absorption % D-24/23 0.01-0.20 0.35
Flammability C-24/23/50+E-24/125 94V0 94V0
Peel Strength 1oz Lb/in 288°C Solder Floating 8 8
Thermal Stress Sec 288°C Solder Dipping 600 300
Pressure Cooker (2 atm/120°C) hr hr Sec 288°C Solder Dipping 300
1 hr Sec 288°C Solder Dipping 300 N/A
2 hr Sec 288°C Solder Dipping 300 N/A
Flexural Strength LW psi A 6000 60000 (N/A, For Flex Circuit)
CW psi A 5000 60000 (N/A, For Flex Circuit)
Dimensional Stability X-Y Axis % E-0.5/170 0.01-0.020 0.050
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion Z-axis below Tg In/in/°C TMA 60 PPM N/A
Z-axis above Tg Z-axis above Tg In/in/°C TMA 180 N/A
Glass Transition Temperature °C DSC -40 +/- 5 N/A

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