3DTSV Wafer Processing Film and Spin Coating Adhesives

3DTSV Thin Wafer Processing Film and Spin Coating Adhesives

AIT provides the first wafer bonding film adhesive in support of 3D-TSV thin wafer processing at faster possible rate of over 10KV or 330°C with thickness from 5-80 micron to enable the ultra-thin wafer and wafer with rich topography while maintaining the ability for separation between carrier wafer and device wafer with either heat-sliding, laser ablation or solvent assisted de-bonding


  • Outstanding shear stress support for wet mechanical grinding and dry etching
  • Unparalleled thermal stability for extended high temperature oxide deposition up to 330°C

AIT provides two temporary bonding adhesives that withstand all of the thin wafer processing requirements in high temperature stability beyond 320-300C, outstanding chemical and polar stripping solvent resistance, with one having low Tg for stress-free bonding and processing while one with higher Tg for mechanical supports in wafer bumping and assembly


  • Outstanding molecular stability having 0% weight loss for void free bonding at temperature up to 330°C
  • High temperature dimension stable stress-absorbing adhesive for solder balls reflow that can be separated or removed with solvent or laser assisted de-bonding

Wafer thinning is only part of thin wafer processing, subsequent device assembly requires different bonding characteristics in support of solder balls reflow formation and other processing


  • Film adhesive of the same spin coating solution in any thickness besides standard 5, 10, 20, 40 and 80 micron
  • Outstanding degree of planarization with vacuum lamination at melt-flow temperature of @150°C


  • 5, 10, 20, 40 and 80 Micron Films or Spin-Coating Solutions
  • Crystal clear for optical alignment
  • Heat-Sliding and/or Laser Ambient Temperature Separation Between Device and Carrier Wafers
  • Non-Polar Adhesive for  High Temperature Processing Up to 320°C for 60 Minutes or More
  • Modified Cyanate Ester for High Temperature Processing up to 330°C for 60 Minutes or More

Temporary wafer bonding for thin wafer processing is one of the key technologies of 3D system integration. AIT is proud to add to its wafer processing materials solutions with an innovative family of temporary bonding film and spin coating solutions for temporary bonding of silicon device wafers to carrier wafers using traditional low temperature and low pressure thermo-compression process.

AIT is the first known to provide a film format of its high temperature temporary bonding adhesives for thin wafer processing. Leveraging its expertise of film adhesive manufacturing for semiconductor industry for the last 30+ years, wafer processing adhesive are available from 5 micron to 80 micron for device wafers up to 450mm with and without topography. AIT high temperature capable wafer processing adhesives can all be removed with heat-sliding and solvent assisted release separation process with the adhesive on device and carrier wafers removed without additional cleaning in most applications. The WPA-TL 330 can also be removed with laser assisted process.
AIT temporary bonding wafer processing adhesives are thermally stable to 3200-330°C and compatibility of the bonded compound wafers with standard WLP process equipment and for backside processing of 3DTSV wafers. High integrity in bond strength enables ease in back grinding to a thickness of 50 µm. Other device wafer processing such as dry etching, wet etching, CMP, PVD, solvent based spin coating of resists and polymers, lithography, electro plating and other elevated temperature processing up to 320-330°C for at least 60 minutes under high vacuum are built in the thermally and chemically stable novel polymers.

Besides the first to make available film formats of the high temperature wafer processing adhesives, AIT WPA-TS 320 and WPA-TL 330 in comparison to traditional and polyimide based temporary handling solutions, also offers one of the highest temperature and time of processing windows for thin wafer processing as well as ease of removal and cleaning.

Some distinguishing characteristics:

  • Industry first of 3, 5, 10, 20, 40 and 80 micron film for ease of application besides traditional spin coating.
  • Enabling material technologies for different wafer processing requirements with different wafer separation and de-bonding including heat-sliding or laser ablation follow with or directly with solvent assisted (soaked and removed as film rather than total dissolution needing second rinsing)
  • RoHS, REACH and WEEE compliant and silicone-free.
  • AIT’s team of engineers, chemists and material scientists stand ready to help select and customize a temporary bonding solution for your specific processing parameters.

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