BLOCKING MOISTURE AND CORROSIVE GASES PENETRATION: CIRCUITSEAL™ CC7130-PRTC conformal coating is an IPC-CC-830C, MIL and RTCA DO160 proven conformal coating. Unlike silicone-type conformal coating that allows moisture and corrosive gases to penetrate and deposit on the interfaces of the protected circuit boards and electronics, CIRCUITSEAL™ CC7130-PRTC is the world’s first modified ethylene-polymer conformal coating that actually block penetration off their permeation and penetration.


“PARYLENE-THIN” COATING: This novel molecularly engineered conformal coating has been proven with outstanding permeation barrier in blocking off moisture, salt-fog, salt-spray and corrosive gases in protecting printed circuit board and fine-pitch components with <40µm coating.


SPRAY-DIP-BRUSH COATING: Finished spray-dip-brush coating thickness of 30µm for effective sealing protection is the same as vacuum deposited Parylene type conformal coating. Yet, it has the coating flexibility for stress-free long-term and extreme temperatures protection.


REPAIRABLE: Unlike silicone, Parylene, epoxy and urethane type conformal coating, this novel Parylene-like conformal coating can be spray, dip or brush coated with standard industrial processes. The protected circuits and components can be repaired much like conventional acrylic-based conformal coating.