Dicing & Grinding Tapes, Thermal Greases-Gels, Wax Coatings & Films

AI Technology is the only US company that manufactures dicing and back grinding tapes in an ISO 9001-2008 facilities, located in Princeton, NJ.

除了UV释放型和压敏型的切割和研磨胶带,其性能与日本制造的同类产品相似,甚至不相上下之外,AI Technology还开创了一种独特的高温稳定的切割和研磨胶带,适用于更严格的应用。

Back Grinding tapes and wafer thinning thermal grease-adhesive

Dicing tapes that are compatible with all industrial standard processes and equipment

  • High Temperature Back Grinding Tapes
  • UV Releasing Back Grinding Tapes
  • Vacuum wafer thinning thermal grease-adhesives



Made-In-USA: Dicing For Wafer Dicing And Back Grinding Tapes And Grease-Adhesive For Wafer Thinning Applications


The success of dicing tape is proven with 100% yield without die loss during the dicing process.

如需推荐、信息或帮助,请联系AI Technology销售和工程部。

AIT technical sales and service department can also be reached at: 1-609-799-9388 and Fax: 609-799-9308