AI Technology太阳能解决方案。太阳能电池板制造材料


SOLAR-IMB™ Thermally Conductive Insulated Metal Back Sheet

  • Thermally Conductive Back Sheet
  • Lowers Cell Temperature for Higher Efficiency
  • Thermally Conductive Insulated Metal Back Sheet


  • PVDF Encapsulating Transparent Front Sheet for Proven Performance
  • Proven UV Resistant
  • 透明封装的透明前板

SOLAR-TAB™ Lower Temperature Tabbing Interconnection

  • Instant Melt-Bonding Tabbing at 150°C
  • Conductive Thermoplastic Adhesive Tabbing material
  • Ideal for Embedded EWT Circuit
  • PVDF和嵌入式UV阻隔液态涂层
  • PVDF transparent anti-glare solar coating with moisture and salt-fog protection
  • Embedded Conductive Tab Circuit for Front and Back Sheet
  • PVDF sealant and adhesive for long-term reliability and moisture barrier


Innovative Melt-Encapsulating Thermal Back Sheet and PVDF Fluorinated Transparent Melt-Encapsulating Front Sheet Reduces Solar Panel Costs and Enhances their Performance

With the combination of a melt-encapsulating front sheet, a melt-encapsulating thermally conductive insulated metal back sheet with melt-bonding tabbing, a roll-to-roll lamination process or dramatically reduced time for vacuum lamination process at 140-160°C are now achievable goals. Much lower costs in both capital investment and solar panels is one of the end results in addition to high performance, conversion efficiency and long-term reliability.

AI Technology在电子应用的特殊材料和粘合剂的配制和制造方面拥有30多年的经验,AI Technology很荣幸地提供SOLARGRIP™,这是业界首款将PVDF氟化的正反面片材组合在一起的产品,它还能将太阳能电池组件封装在单一的熔体封装工艺中。

  • SOLARGRIP™ uses polymer crystallites for strength in place of cross-linking EVA encapsulant to reduce the vacuum thermal forming cycle time by a factor of 5-10.
  • The reduced cycle time directly contributes to reduced costs in manufacturing solar panels.
  • The low moisture ingression afforded by the fluorinated PVDF and modified polyethylene enables self-sealing edges and the possibility of frameless panels.
  • Outstanding compatible bonding with standard EVA encapsulant and cross-linkable polyolefin encapsulant.

By embedding fluorinated and thermally conductive melt-flow back sheets in the PVDF, the efficiency of conversion is improved in the hot summer sun.  Other features include:

  • SOLAR-IMB™ is the industry’s first insulated thermally conductive back sheet and encapsulant single ply laminate that helps to dissipate heat and lower the cell temperature.
  • A UV and moisture protection encapsulating thermally conductive back sheet with PVDF back sheet layer protection.
  • The effect of lowering the cell temperature from 70°C to 50°C will increase the efficiency from the already depressed value to 13-14% from the 10% at 70°C for typical mono-crystalline solar under the summer sun.

AI Technology的太阳能光伏板制造解决方案还包括许多赋能和补充解决方案。

  • 熔体封装的透明正面板(SOLAR-THRU™),用于薄膜到单晶太阳能应用厚度为5-15 mils。
  • PVDF front sheet for ultimate UV and moisture protection.
  • 熔融粘接氟化导电片,可以降低压贴温度,并把薄膜厚度从200um降低到75um。
  • UV resistant fluorinated PVDF transparent coating reduces glare on glass front sheet.

All materials are RoHS, REACH and WEEE compliant in accordance with the UL94V-0 rating conferred on the AIT US manufacturing facility located in Princeton Junction, New Jersey.

AI Technology的其他补充材料解决方案包括热管理和聚光光伏(CPV)应用的防眩光涂层。

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