DOUBLE-CLAD COUPLER™ for DOUBLE-SIDED FLEX CIRCUIT substrates to enable more versatile and high-speed flexible electronics

COUPLER™ copper-clad flexible circuit laminates are available as double (DC series) and single (SC series) sided copper clad laminate that is available in both sheets and rolls with global availability. The molecularly engineered dielectric is more suitable for microwave and extreme weather conditions. They are ideal for use in high volume consumer, medical and automotive applications.

Features and Distinctions

  • Compatible with conventional flexible circuit fabrication processes, including oxide treatment and wet chemical plated-through-hole drilling and cleaning processing
  • Outstanding dimensional stability
  • Ultra-low moisture absorption for superior moisture resistance
  • Excellent insulation resistance 
  • High peel strength between dielectric and copper 
  • Thermal resistance equivalent to polyimide
  • Halogen-free; REACH and RoHS compliant

Laminate Configurations

  • Copper thickness: 9, 12, 18, 35, 70um
  • Dielectric thickness: 25, 50, 75um
  • Copper types: Primary- ED, and RA upon request
  • Standard size rolls are 500mm wide by 10m long
  • Standard size sheets are 24” by 24” and 36”

Processing and Applications

  • High-temperature stability to withstand soldering at 300°C. 
  • Multi-layer capability with the same flexible dielectric copper-clad pre-preg that can be laminated at less than 15 psi pressure and at 150°C or higher.
  • Max Op Temp: >180°C