AI Technology, Inc. is aware of the current shortages and discontinuation of certain adhesive and coating products. We are proud to offer a selection of comparable adhesives, epoxies, and pads to meet the requirements of your unique application. See the table below for more information about our replacement products. Whether you need thermal conductivity, material with low ionics, or large area, mismatched CTE bonding, AIT’s experienced sales staff can help.

You can also fill out an Application Analysis form and a member of our experienced sales team can recommend the right product for your needs.

Competitor ProductAIT “Direct Replacement”AIT “Strong Recommendation”
Loctite Ablestik ECF 561KESP7455-FGESP7455-HK
Loctite Ablestik ECF 561EESP8650-FGESP8450-HF
Loctite Ablestik 5020ESP7660-HK-FGESP7663-FP-18
Loctite Ablestik 5020KESP7665-HK-FGESP7665-HK
Loctite Ablestik 5025ETC8750
Epo-Tek H74ME7265ME7265 2-Part
Epo-Tek H20EME8260-SLVME8260-SLV 2-Part
Fujipoly Sargon PG80BCGP7156-FRCGP7156-5-FR, CGP 7156-DT
Bergquist GPVOUSCGP7155-FRCGP7155-5-FR