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Since pioneering the use of flexible epoxy technology for microelectronic packaging in 1985, AI Technology has been one of the leading forces in development and patented applications of advanced material and adhesive solution for electronic interconnection and packaging. The company has a ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturing and R&D facility in the U.S. and a Far East Service Center in Hong Kong. The headquarters has more than 50,000 square feet within a 16-acre campus in Princeton Junction, NJ.

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AI Technology manufactures various forms of high performance flexible “Stress-free” adhesives and materials for microelectronic packaging and thermal management applications. Our newest research has yielded low-cost, solderable flexible circuit substrate to replace polyimide in high frequency, RFID, and microwave circuits. Our technology and products include solvent-free die attach pastes and films, compressible gap-filling phase change thermal interface pads, polymer based Solder-Sub™ BGA, near-hermetic lid sealant, EMI Shielding materials, double-sided UV-release wafer griding tapes, and high temperature-static free dicing tapes.

AI Technology (AIT) offers one of the most comprehensive lines of thermal compounds, thermal grease, and thermal gels with the lowest thermal resistance ever documented.

  • The lowest thermal interface resistance greases and gels ever documented
  • All non-silicone based and non-migrating designed for delicate electronics
  • In-situ curing thermal interface gels are first in the industry
  • Available as electrically conductive or electrically insulating versions

For additional information on our complete product line, please visit our corporate website AI Technology, Inc.

AI Technology has more than 25 years of experience and successes in helping military, aerospace, computer, and super-computer manufacturers with thermal compound and thermal interface materials for building some of the most reliable electronic devices and computers. AIT is now reaching out to serve the consumer PC community with it's COOL-SILVER™ state-of-the-art thermal compound, COOL-SILVER PAD™ Thermal Pad, and COOL-TIME™ thermal interface cleaner.

COOL-SILVER™ Thermal Interface Material (TIM) has a measurable performance advantage in dropping the semiconductor junction temperature with the same heat-sink and CPU. It contains more than 90% silver by weight, 0% silicone, and is RoHS compliant. The thermal resistance is lower than the known “industry standard” of <0.0045°C-in2/Watt @ 0.001 inch interface layer thickness. COOL-SILVER™, unlike some of the earlier generations of silver greases, will not separate, run, migrate, or bleed. Even though the thermal conductivity comes from the highly packed micronized pure silver particulate, it is not electrically conductive.

COOL-SILVER PAD™ Thermal Pad sticks slightly to metal surfaces on both sides for ease of application. It does not adhere to the release liners that are on both sides when packaged. To apply, peal off the bottom release liner (no tab) and apply the exposed pad to the CPU. Then smooth out the pad on the CPU by gently touching the top release liner with your finger to remove any air bubbles. Finally, remove the top release liner by pulling on the white tab. Then install the CPU cooler. You can also trim the pad before installing with a sharp scissors on any edge, except for the white tab edge, for a perfect fit. COOL-SILVER PAD™ Thermal Pad is 1.5 x 1.5 inches square to accommodate all processor sizes and is 3 thousandths of an inch (3 mils) thick.

COOL-TIME™ removes all thermal interface material with ease and does not require a secondary solution to neutralize any residual acidic or citric compounds. Just apply a few drops of COOL-TIME™ on the thermal material, wait 10 seconds, and gently remove the material with a lint free cloth. You are now ready for a new application of COOL-SILVER™ Thermal Compound or COOL-SILVER PAD™ Thermal Pad.

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